Cider Corner: Creating Customer Relationships That Last

Your cidery can look to rely heavily on your company’s ability to foster strong connections with your current customer base, which can ensure the longevity of sales. 

In an increasingly competitive market, where artisanal beverages abound, the significance of establishing and maintaining these relationships cannot be overstated. Beyond merely selling a product, a cidery can have the unique opportunity to cultivate a community around its brand, one where customers feel valued, understood, and engaged. 

By prioritizing efforts to connect with their existing clientele, your effort now can lay the foundation for enduring brand loyalty and advocacy. This emphasis on retention not only ensures sustained profitability but also serves as a testament to the intrinsic value of genuine human connection in the world of commerce.

One of the greatest benefits of having a cidery in a smaller town, like Erie, Colorado is that Hope Ruffner says they can see a lot of the same guests somewhat consistently for The Old Mine Cidery

“Our regulars have developed sweet relationships with each of our staff members that create a safe and fun cidery environment,” Ruffner said. “We do our best to not only provide excellent service for those who come in but to truly connect and listen to our guests. 

“Sometimes this looks like simply joking around with guests, sometimes it looks like implementing their recommendations, and sometimes it looks like being generous wherever we can.”

That can mean running special deals throughout the week, along with happy hour every weekday, and the opportunity to win free drinks or gift cards on the cidery’s Tuesday trivia nights.

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Being a small cider company, Asheville’s Noble Cider said that they have put a lot of effort into developing good relationships with all customers. 

“Those relationships are the most important aspect of our business,” they wrote in an email to Brewer recently. “We have always tried to foster a great atmosphere and also our customers know that we are putting all our effort into bringing them the best and tastiest product that we can.”

Golden State Cider focuses on providing consistent quality in every can, said Director of Marketing, Breanne Heuss

“We want to ensure our customers have a positive experience with the brand every time they pick us up in-store or order a can or pint of Golden State Cider on-premise,” they said. 

Two Rivers Cider founder Vincent Sterne said to stay connected with consumers, the Sacramento, California cidery has a suggestion box and he said they are always open to our customers’ feedback. A way to say thank to you those that do make it to the tasting room is by giving $1 off if a customer rides their bike there.

Another way to sway consumers to become loyal to Golden State is they host special release parties for new items coming out to club members every other month. Club members also receive a 10% discount off everything in the taproom and online. 

“These rewards along with early access to our single-varietal ciders have kept our club membership strong since we launched the club in 2020,” Heuss said.

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