Maneuvering Social Media to Gain Traction & Sales

Hard Heidi’s Cider at this time is only sold via wholesale so Heidi Smart said that advertising on social media is the only touchpoint the Washington-based company has with consumers. Making key and informative posts on platforms like Instagram is not only good for her product, it’s for her customers as well.

Leveraging a social media channel to help fuel sales is important for any cidery and creating a structured schedule to maintain posts is vital. For Ploughman’s Ben Wenk, managing two accounts made the most sense as the Pennsylvania cidery markets the brand one way for wholesale while having its taproom on an entirely different page. It’s with the understanding that they are serving two different offices.

“The audience of folks who are ordering a draft in their favorite Philly bar or pulling a four-pack off the shelf in Pittsburgh won’t have an interest in what pies we’re offering at the Gettysburg Taproom every week,” Wenk said.

Wenk said they make sure there is someone at the taproom regularly to capture photos and engage with customers on that handle.

“We also selectively find ‘bigger’ taproom events to cross-promote on the main handle if we feel it has the potential to draw folks from markets outside our immediate area,” he said.

Every delivery for Hard Heidi’s is announced as a “story” on both Instagram and Facebook with product details and tag area business so consumers will know where to purchase.

“If it’s a fun or well-received story, the business will usually share it, so it doubles or triples my exposure depending on the customer,” Smart said. “For regular posts, I try to stay relevant but not flood the feeds which can lead to burnout.

For Smart, an occasional update every other week regarding flavors, cider knowledge, or local events seems to work best.

But engagement can differ and Wenk said for Ploughman, even seeing interaction on different accounts can vary from platform to platform.

“Our taproom and local, rural clientele seem to interact more with Facebook whereas our more urban demographics are more active on Instagram,” he said.

Consumers love to engage with Golden State Cider on Instagram, said Director of Marketing, Breanna Heuss.

“Because Golden State Cider’s package is so visually compelling in photos, consumers engage with us on our platform and also often share pictures with Golden State Cider on their own profiles,” she said. “It’s a great way for us to connect with our fans.”

Photo courtesy Hard Heidi’s Cider

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